Why was PinkCab created and how does it help and empower women?

PinkCab empowering women
Pink Cab is a women-only ride sharing platform that is meant to empower and cater to the needs of female drivers and riders.

After Uber left TnT on the 30th of May, claiming economic and business reasons, leaving a huge gap in the choice of taxi and ride sharing services.

The decision followed the unfortunate murder of a driver and hundreds of allegations of female abuse and harassment.  There is also an underlying reason that can only be attributed to the alarmingly high crime rate and mistrust deeply embedded in both drivers and riders, especially women and children.

The United States, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Egypt, India and Pakistan have all shown great interest and have started to support and invest in ride sharing services that cater to women specifically.

The main reason for creating PinkCab is the large number of cases where women are openly being abused and harassed by unvetted drivers of companies such as Uber and Lift, not to mention all the smaller local ones that have even less regulation and safety measures in place.

Another major issue with the current situation is that there is a huge gender and pay gap due to the fact that women are afraid to apply as drivers and even when they do, they especially avoid late and night shifts which immediately reflects on a lower salary.

Our project aims to address all of the above by providing a safe space for both female drivers and riders. We are focusing on rigorous background checks, 24/7 live monitoring and SOS features. PinkCab’s priority is safety for its employees and users.

By supporting and using Pink Cab you would become part of a project that firmly stands behind women rights, abolishing the gender inequality and pay gap within this industry and aims to provide both safe transportation and job opportunities for women, while paying attention to a green-friendly carpooling solution that would also impact lowering the number of vehicles and carbon releases.

The company website – pink.cab and our facebook page were launched on June 19 and our mobile app is scheduled to launch on the 15th of July on both the Apple Store and Google Play platforms.

Join our growing community today and become part of the future of female rides haring in Trinidad and Tobago!