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The PinkCab Community

From the moment we announced the creation of PinkCab there is one question that keeps coming up – how are we different from the other taxi and ride sharing services out there?

The answer to that question is our core value – we are not just a service, we are a community, a movement that aims to connect and empower women all over Trinidad and Tobago.

We aim to build a community of females who support each other in becoming more effective in the business world, in their personal lives and day to day activities, while providing a secure and reliable means of transportation.

What does ride sharing mean to us? Imagine waking up in the morning and knowing that going to work or leaving your kids at the nursery is no longer a hassle. You simply open up the PinkCab APP and can see scheduled rides to business centers, nurseries, kindergartens and daycare centers. All you need to do is book your ride and select a pick up point. Immediately you get a confirmation and you know that you will get to your destination safely and cheaper, while also having the opportunity to connect to peers while getting there.

Need to go shopping to the local market or the local mall? Not a problem, you can find ride sharing options to the most convenient and popular destinations. Want to go for a barbeque, fair, or easily reach an event near you? We’ve got you covered for both getting there and safely returning home.

Throughout the day you have the option to not only request a personal ride, but also to find women with similar interests that are near you and visit the same places as you. Ride sharing offers you the perfect combination of socialising, cost effectiveness and preserving the environment.

PinkCab also aims to work closely with organisations and charities that support and protect women rights for a better Trinidad and Tobago. Join our growing community and find out how you can be part of the movement today!

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