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Rider FAQ

Our rider registration is quick and simple. Simply download the Rider app on your Android device, youpload your ID for verification and you’ll be ready to ride! Additionaly you can find a guide on how to use the app here.
PinkCab is a new ridesharing service focused on the safety and empowerment of women. Built with the needs of women in mind, we aim to improve the lives of women through safe transportation, job creation, and financial security. Our drivers are personally vetted and undergo comprehensive background checks so you can have peace of mind. Our in-ride security features make sure you arrive at your destination safely, while our drivers are paid more than the industry standard and are incentivized to provide best-in-class service. When you choose to ride with PinkCab you’re supporting a like-minded driver and elevating your community by helping to improve greater gender balance, choice, and participation in the ridesharing economy.
- Drivers are personally vetted and selected by PinkCab through an in-person interview and driving session. a - Drivers are also offered training sessions, so they are best equipped with resources and techniques to ensure safety during the ride. - Riders are verified through the app before we activate their account. - 24/7 real-time monitoring and private security - rides are tracked to ensure your safety and provide the best possible experience. - OTP feature - a rider is provided a special code in order to verify that the driver that comes to pick them up is the one they reached through the PinkCab app. - In APP chat and call system, which allows communication between rider and driver, without sharing any personal information. - Upon indication of any problem, PinkCab will immediately contact the rider or driver to resolve issues or dispatch the security company. - PinkCab SOS button. This gives them the option to contact our 24/7 emergency service, police, or a predetermined emergency contact who will immediately receive a text message indicating you don’t feel safe in your ride and your location.
We calculate your rate by using a combination of distance traveled and time spent in transit.
While we don’t encourage cancellations, we ask that if you have to cancel you do so as soon as possible after requesting a ride. There is no charge to you if you cancel a ride within 5 minutes of requesting a ride. After 5 minutes a minimum of $25.00TTD fixed charge is automatically applied.
You will be able to see the profile picture of your driver to help with verification. You will also use an OTP system to confirm that you’re a match. Riders are assigned a private code for each ride. The code must be verified by the driver and rider to ensure the driver is picking up the correct rider or the ride will not start.
Contact your driver by clicking the call or text buttons right on the app after a driver has accepted your ride request.
Yes. Our drivers must pass rigorous background and vehicle checks as well as in-person interviews to ensure they will help drive peace of mind.
If your app isn’t working for some reason, or stalls, delete the app from your phone and reinstall it. We are constantly making updates to the app and sometimes, it’s just easier to re-download it. This should solve your problem. If you’re still experiencing issues, contact
If you have an issue with your PinkCab driver, we invite you to use the in-app contact feature to let us know about it. One of our customer service representatives will contact you directly. In case the matter is urgent we would recommend using the in app SOS feature to contact the police, an emergency contact chosen by yourself or the private security company partneriing with PinkCab.
No, PinkCab provides ridesharing and ridehailing services exclusively to women and children.
Yes. You must be 18 years or older to use PinkCab at this time.
Riders under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
Service animals task trained to assist disabled individuals are permitted in PinkCab vehicles.
Yes. To find out about current promotions and discounts please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
If you realize you’ve left something behind, please contact customer service at and we will do our best to help retrieve your item and get it back to you.
PinkCab accepts applications for charities across Trinidad and Tobago. To become a part of our charity network, contact us at PinkCab donates a part of its net revenue to different charities.


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