Once you have downloaded our PinkCab Driver App and installed it on your mobile device it is really easy to start using it in just a few steps.
Step 1

When you open up the App you will see a registration form. Please enter your Full Name, Email address, Password and Phone Number.

PinkCab Driver app step 1

Step 2

Once you are done with the registration you can easily login to your new Driver account.

PinkCab Driver app step 2

Step 3

Once you are logged in, please double check your Full Name, verify your phone number and e-mail address and confirm valid Bank Details to receive your payment for upcoming fairs.

PinkCab Driver app step 3

Step 4

In the Car Info tab please enter your Car Brand, Car Model and Plate Number so we may qualify your vehicle.

PinkCab Driver app step 4

Step 5

Once you have entered the Car Information you can choose your Car Type. The options are Sedan, SUV or Luxury.

PinkCab Driver app step 5

Step 6

In the Verification tab you need to upload you documents in order for our team to verify and qualify you as a PinkCab Driver Partner. The requered documents are:

– Photo or scan of Drivers permit – Utility Bill (to confirm address) – – Car Registration – Certificate of Character – Certified Copy – Photo of car – Letter of authorisation (If vehicle is not registered in your name) – Insurance

PinkCab Driver app step 6

Step 7

Once you have gone through all the steps above the PinkCab admins will go through the information and verify your account within 24 to 48 hours. Once the account has been verified you will be able to start using Pinkcab for your daily rides!

PinkCab Driver app step 7

Thank you for choosing to be a Driver Partner with PinkCab!


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