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Driver FAQ

You can become a PinkCab driver by downloading the Driver app and creating your profile. The documents required for submission are: drivers permit, insurance, car registration, certificate of character, photo of car, certified copy, utility bill and if needed a letter of authorisation. Additionally you can find a guide on how to use the app here.
PinkCab is a ridesharing service focused on the safety and empowerment of women.
- Drivers are personally vetted and selected by PinkCab through an in-person interview and driving session. a - Drivers are also offered training sessions, so they are best equipped with resources and techniques to ensure safety during the ride. - Riders are verified through the app before we activate their account. - 24/7 real-time monitoring and private security - rides are tracked to ensure your safety and provide the best possible experience. - OTP feature - a rider is provided a special code in order to verify that the driver that comes to pick them up is the one they reached through the PinkCab app. - In APP chat and call system, which allows communication between rider and driver, without sharing any personal information. - Upon indication of any problem, PinkCab will immediately contact the rider or driver to resolve issues or dispatch the security company. - PinkCab SOS button. This gives them the option to contact our 24/7 emergency service, police, or a predetermined emergency contact who will immediately receive a text message indicating you don’t feel safe in your ride and your location.
Uploaded documents generally require 2 days for review. To streamline the application process, please keep these tips in mind when uploading documents: - Make sure all the documents are up to date and not expired. Expired documents will be rejected and extend your wait time as you resubmit. - Your name must be clearly listed on your vehicle's proof of insurance and driver's license documents and Certificate of Good Character. Your name on these documents must match the name you use to sign up for your PinkCab account. - Make sure uploaded images are clear and legible. Avoid using a camera's flash when photographing documents. Flash creates a glare that can obscure required information. - Check that all 4 corners of your documents are visible in the uploaded photos.
No. You are in charge of your own schedule and earning potential. PinkCab drivers get paid according to how much (or little) they drive at a time convenient for you.
If you find something a rider has left behind, please email with a description or photo of the item, and when you found it. Likewise, if a rider leaves something in your car, we’ll contact you and help to arrange the return of the item.
Yes. Nothing will hinder you from working with other rideshare companies.
Yes! Help us grow the sisterhood. When you refer a new driver to PinkCab and they complete 30 rides in their first 30 days, you both get $200TTD.
No. We invite you to set your own schedule and drive when it works for you. Some areas have peak hours, which may help you get more riders in less time.
Our basic requirements call for your car to be in good condition, have four doors, and be manufactured after 2008. You will find more details as you move through the application process.
Yes. Each of our drivers will be assigned a woman helping you get on the road. From setting up your account, to an in-person meeting and driving session, and tips and tricks on how to succeed, we are there for you every step of the way.
You will be able to see the profile picture of your rider to help with verification. You will also use an OTP system to confirm that you’re a match. Riders are assigned a private code for each ride. The code must be verified by the driver and rider to ensure the driver is picking up the correct rider or the ride will not start.
The OTP system should help to confirm the correct rider, but if you are not comfortable with a potential rider for any reason, we invite you to pass on the fare, and keep driving and contact us to flag the account. We will never force our drivers into a situation they are uncomfortable with.
Yes. Please contact or use the app/web chat support or to speak to a customer service representative.
If your app isn’t working for some reason, or stalls, delete the app from your phone and reinstall it. We are constantly making updates to the app and sometimes, it’s just easier to re-download it. This should solve your problem. If you’re still experiencing issues, contact
Service animals task trained to assist disabled individuals are permitted in PinkCab vehicles.

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