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PinkCab is a Ride Sharing and Ride Hailing servicce for women and children – Reliable and Secure.

Our service is focused on the empowerment and safety of women. With specialised features designed for women and children to have the most comfortable rides, we aim to improve lives through job creation, safe transportation and financial security.

We are not just a service, we are a community, a movement that aims to connect and empower women.

We aim to build a community of females who support each other in becoming more effective in the business world, in their personal lives and day to day activities, while providing a secure and reliable means of transportation.

PinkCab supports organisations and charities that stand behind women rights and empowerment and we donate a part of our income to their cause.

If you wish to help out your fellow community and pass your donation to the charities that we work with, you can donate directly through the form below:

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