PinkCab: Women and Children Ride Sharing and Ride Hailing Platform

PinkCab is driving women towards safety and empowerment.

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How do I Ride with PinkCab?

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How is PinkCab different?

– Safe
– Built with the needs of women in mind
– Drivers go trough comprehensive background checks
– Drivers are paid more
– Helping improve gender balance choice and participation in the ride sharing economy

What are PinkCab Security Features?

– In person interviews with drivers

– Background checks

– 24/7 live monitoring

– SOS:When a rider/driver feels uncomfortable during a PinkCab ride which gives them the option to contact the police or an Emergency Contact

Cancellation Policy

If the ride is not cancelled within 5 minutes a fixed charge of $35 TTD is automatically applied.

How do I know my driver?

-Unique code provided to confirm you are being picked up by the right driver
– Licence plate & Photo info of the driver will be provided upon reservation
– Live Location on Map

Do you have safety standards for your drivers?

Yes. Our drivers must pass rigorous background and vehicle checks as well as in-person interviews to ensure they will help riders peace of mind.

What is the minimum age?

You must be 18 years old or older to be a PinkCab driver. Riders under 18 must be accompanied by an adult .

How do I contact my Driver?

A phone number will be provided as well as the option to send a message.

Are service animals allowed?

Service animals task trained to assist disabled individuals are permitted in PinkCab vehicles.

Do you offer special offers/discount codes ?

Yes, check our Facebook page for current promotions or contact us directly for partnerships .

Can you help me find a lost item ?

Please contact customer service at and we will do our best to help retrieve your item and get it back to you.

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